Dear Readers,

I began Jaguar’s Blog @ jaguar303something.wordpress.com on March 12, 2018. Now it’s Jaguar’s Blog @ alaskanjaguar.wordpress.com. It began with a simple message. Now I’ve done a photoseries, not one that I’m proud of, but I’ve done it. King Jag and I are an unstoppable team. It’s also King Jag’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING JAG!! His party was spectacular. However he’s starting to get into character, as I’ve recovered from my failures on Wait-I’m Not a Brooks?! and am trying again. With Beauty and the Beast. (Partial thanks to Jewel for giving me the idea with her Cinderella series.) I know how to do it now, and it will be better. Much better.

So I just wanted to say Happy Half-Blogveresary to me!



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